The Communist Plot of Fluoridated Water

Today, the Portland City Council is hearing debate against adding sodium fluoride to the city’s water. Protesters are running the streets with placards, stating sodium fluoride is “toxic” and they don’t want it in their water. When our country first introduced fluoride, the nation rose up, stating it was a “Communist Plot”. Indeed.

The bacteria that causes tooth decay is a disease. Portland, Oregon is one of the only major cities in the United States that does not have fluoride in it’s drinking water. In fact, Portland is the largest city lacking fluoride nationally, second to San Jose. While I am no fan of Mayor Sam Adams, I find this to be one of the best things he’s attempted for the city of Portland during his office.

Portland Pediatric dentist Andrea Beltzner states “I see kids in this practice every week that come in with rampant decay, cavities, in 16 of their 20 teeth. I’m talking about 2-year old, 3-year old children”. Her friends on the East Coast are floored when she tells them about the degree of disease she sees in her practice in Portland, especially that they are middle and high income patients.

To put this debate into some perspective, we in dentistry recommend our patients use a pea-sized amount of any fluoridated toothpaste when they brush their teeth. This amount contains .2 mg of sodium fluoride. A large strip of toothpaste contains 2.25 mg of fluoride. ONE liter of fluoridated water contains 1 mg of fluoride. You would need to consume two liters of water to get an equal amount of fluoride to a large strip of toothpaste.

But what is fluoride toxicity? A 155 pound person would need to consume 5-10 GRAMS of sodium fluoride to encounter toxicity. That is 5,000 liters of water, over 1300 gallons. Certainly the water overdose would kill you long before you encountered fluoride toxicity.

Tooth decay is not fun. Fluoride is a medically safe supplement to prevent the onset of tooth decay. Eating a healthy diet, avoiding sugar, good home care and preventative fluoride is a well-rounded plan for your family. Diseased teeth are painful and expensive to treat. Dental bacteria can leak into the body, causing a host of medical problems.

Fluoridated water is a good idea. It is not a communist plot, and no one is trying to poison Oregon residents since we got rid of Ma Anad Sheila. I commend Sam Adams and the Portland City Council. I realize Portland is invested in being weird, but why not be weird with healthy teeth in our kids?

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